Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My brother is a Race Car

These two brothers have too much fun together. Our two wild beasts love playing with their Daddy!!
Shakobe calls Xavier a race car when he is in his walker, and Xavier laughs and loves every minute of it. LOL. "LOOK OUT DADDY!!"

Monday, July 22, 2013

Xavier Clark Rigby

Well I thought I better finally share this summers most exciting news in our household. June 24th 2013 we had our second little boy. I love pregnancy even with its ups and downs I find it to be such a blessing. I have been so fortunate to share my pregnancies with people I look up to very much. First with shakobe I was pregnant the same time as Jess my sister that I consider a hero when it comes to motherhood, and this time my very close friend Jamie. Thanks guys for helping me through this process I love you and will never forget the wonderful opportunity of sharing this time together. 

Now the labor story....My doctor was nice enough to schedule a induction on the 24th which was a week before my due date. Gregg and I woke up at 430 that morning so we could call labor and delivery by 5 to schedule a time to come in. They told us to be there by 7 so my sweet mom woke up early and put her SUPER GRANDMA cape on to come stay with Shakobe while we were at the hospital. Of the whole process leaving Shakobe was the most difficult thing for me to do.  Im very grateful to my mom for helping our family through this big change. Not only were we having a baby, but I had never left Shakobe over night before.  I had the hardest time walking out the door that morning not knowing exactly how long it would be until I could see my beautiful two year old again. Somehow Gregg talked me into getting into our car and we set off for the hospital. When we got to our room we were told that I was strep B positive so I had to be hooked up to antibiotics for 4 hours before I could deliver the baby. After about an hour and a half of being on antibiotics they hooked me up to the pit and things progressed really well. It was a night and day difference from labor with Shakobe I was so grateful. As the day progressed so did the contractions and mid afternoon I had my epidural (life saver. ha, ha.). I had to lay on my side from that time on and put me on oxygen because the baby's heart rate was having trouble staying where it should be. Which made the nurses concerned that the cord may be wrapped around his neck. By 5 that night Gregg and I began to wonder if we were in for another long stay in the delivery room because I was only dialated a 5. We both began to pray that our little guy would be okay and that we could have him with us soon. A hour later  Dr Craig (my doc) came to check on me before she went home for dinner. Considering I was only a 5 earlier she thought I had probably not changed much but in an hour's time I had gone all the way to an 8. She left thinking we still had a ways to go. A little less then an half hour went by and the baby's heart rate dropped all the way down to 60 so my nurse rushed in and very calmly told us it may be time for us to have our baby. She checked me and I was at a 9 1/2 so they called doctor craig  to hurry back.  Luckily she did not live very far away cuz she was there in no time. I began pushing and the little stinker was just like his brother not wanting to come out. They discovered his shoulders were stuck so they had a nurse push down on my stomoch to help get his shoulders out and help prevent his collar bone from breaking. What a team I had; we were so lucky. Finally at 715pm Xavier Clark Rigby was born. He did have the cord around his neck but it was loose so the doctor could slip it off quickly. Xavier was 8 pounds 14 ounces 20.5 inches long. The first thing we said when we saw him was how much he looked like his big brother. Thank you for all the support and prayers that were given to us. Gregg and I know we are very blessed to have these two precious boys.
 Gregg and I shortly after we made it to the hospital. I dont know why I agree to these pictures.
 Our beautiful bundle of joy right after he was born. The nurse could not believe how big his hands were. We laughed cuz we got the same comment when we had shakobe.
 Mom and Dad with Xavier right after he was born.
 Xavier meeting Great grandpa for the first time.
 Meeting Great Grandma for the first time
 Grandpa and his second grandson.
 Grandpa Henry meeting Xavier

 The Carpenters meeting Xavier for the first time. Kyn just loves him, she is already a perfect little mother to him. Shakobe and him were wearing matching onezies which I love.
 One of my favorite pictures shakobe loves his grandpas and I know xavier will be just like him.

Aunt kristin and shakobe. So many of our family members brought our boys gifts and I just want to tell you thank you so much for loving my boys and being so supportive of us. Thats the most important thing to me that my boys know how lucky they are.

 Xavier meeting Aunt Nat and Kaidance. Aunt kimmie came and saw us a few times at the hospital also.

 He already knows the Grandmas are good for snuggling. He has the cutest grin on his face.
 Saylor meeTing baby X. This little girl is the best I love her so much and she is the sweetest little friend to Shakobe and now X.
 Aunt Jamie and Baby X
 The Herd kids saved me and Shakobe by stopping by to be wild beasts with shakobe that before was bored to death. They were being so wild in fact that some of them were losing there pants. lol
 Chunk and Sis Sis having a ball.
Our first picture as a family of 4. This is when Shakobe met Xavier for the first time. Xavier gave his big brother a present to tell him how happy he was to be with him again. He gave him a monster truck which was a major hit and the book "Just me and my little brother." We got it all on video of him opening his present then us four reading the book together. It was the most precious moment of my entire life. I love these boys so much and I am so blessed to have them for my sons. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Shakobe is 2

It has been forever since I have posted anything so I figured before we welcome a new little one into our family I better update everyone on the wonderful Big Brother in our lives.
 So much has happened that I really don't know where to start.  Our "baby" turned two years old on May 10th (I'm calling him that as long as I can because I cant accept the fact that he is not going to be my baby anymore, he is our big boy). He has changed Gregg and I so much that I honestly believe Shakobe was meant to be the big brother to train his parents and siblings the importance of family and life in general. Even though he is acting like a 2 year old these days with the random tantrums and fits I sit back and feel totally okay with it because I know I have been a very spoiled mommy. Here is a overload on the Rigby happenings especially the famous Shakobe Jam (aka birthday party) that we had for our wild little man!!!

My little mans birthday began with his all time favorite breakfast Blueberry Muffins. I stuck two candles in for him to blow out. He obviously does not get the whole birthday candle thing yet because after he blew out the candles he decided to take a bite out of one to see how they taste. They were not as good as he expected. LOL.
Gregg and I threw him a cars, trucks, tractors, motorcyles.....pretty much anything with wheels party! Since that is what this boy has been obsessed with lately and I have to say the party was a hit. Here he is testing out one of his presents a new scooter. This is what Mom felt safest with even though he was determined to walk out of the store one day with a skateboard. Considering shakobe is not afraid of anything I figured we should start with small steps and wrap the kid in bubble wrap as he tries any tricks he thinks he is big enough to handle.

Munching on some yummy birthday cake as his dad reads his birthday cards to him!!!
Shakobe also loves animals so that saturday pretty much our whole family took him to Hoogle Zoo. Of course our monkey's favorite part of the zoo was the Monkeys. It was such an amazing day for him to be able to celebrate with his cousins and have a total blast.

Apparently the zoo has brought back the hippopotamus's because I see one holding Shakobe in this picture.
Note to self: never agree to pictures when 8 months pregnant.

Shakobe with his dad and cousins checking out more totally awesome monkeys!!!
I had to snap a picture of these two holding hands. Saylor was keeping an eye on shakobe so he didnt fall.
Gregg always teases Rylie that the elephant scale says she weighs as much as a elephant poops in a month so  as a new tradition we had to weigh her to see if its still true. Then to make it even better we got the family to stand on it together.
Our happy little zoo monkey. Love him so much!!!
What a perfect end to a perfect day!!!
This was at Richmonds black and white days celebration. Of course shakobe made his grandpa proud by being most excited to see the big John Deere tractor. 
Shakobe's girlfriend and wonderful babysiiter graduated high school this year. She went to disneyland to celebrate her accomplishment and brought back a mickey mouse for shakobe. He now has to sleep with it every night and it tags along with him everywhere he goes.
Gregg and I just want to send a enormous thanks to our wonderful friends the Carters for their amazing act of kindness. Gregg  took on the project of putting in our back yard this year and on the last day of school we  had sawd delivered to our home. We went to a end of the year bbq for my work  planning on rolling the sawd the next morning. We were at the party and caught wind that the Carters along with several other families from our neighborhood and ward were trying to surprise us by laying out our whole yard while we were gone. We rushed home as fast as we could to help them finish. Gregg and I were in total shock that there were so many people willing and waiting to help our family out of the goodness of there hearts. It was such a blessing for me because I was very worried about my husband taking on such a big task all by himself  knowing he especially would not let me help him let alone ask anyone else. It was a wonderful learning experience for my family to see how great this world really can be and how important Gregg and I feel it is to teach our children about the power of service to one another. My family is very lucky to be surrounded by so many great examples!!
Yesterday was Fathers day of course so I had to show my two favorite boys together! They are best buddies that do everything together. Wherever Dad goes shakobe is sure to follow. Especially if there is work that needs to be done because shakobe loves to help. Love you two! Greggy I hope you had a wonderful fathers day!!
I had to share this sweet picture from Fathers Day! We took flowers to Greggs Great grandma and grandpa at the cemetery and I caught this picture of Shakobe telling his Daddy " I love Bumpas." and "I love Gamas."
It was a very special moment.
I wanted to end this post with this awesome video my siblings sent me. Every time I see it I think of Gregg and i found it very fitting to share with it being so close to fathers day and the fact that heavenly father has chosen to send another precious little one for me and Gregg to take care of. Gregg is such an amazing father and I feel so blessed to go on this journey of parenthood with him. My sister Jamie said it perfectly, "When you watch Gregg as a father you just know he would do anything in his power for his little boy." For that fact I feel very blessed as a mother of two beautiful children. Happy Fathers day to Gregg, My dad, Greggs dad, and our amazing grandpa's.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Dance Your Pants Off!!!

I just wanted to give you all something to smile about as we begin another week! It was a beautiful Sunday at  our house yesterday.  Shakobe was helping us make Sunday dinner while he watched one of his favorite movies "Wreck It Ralph." He love, love, loves the music at the end of the movie so he got down off the counter in the kitchen and started dancing the night away to the songs. Gregg and I had to keep rewinding the credits so he could keep grooving.  He danced so hard that his pants fell right off his bum but that didn't stop him he just danced even harder. That's how we party at our house!!!!

It has become a weekly responsibility of Shakobe's to throw a dance party at our home. A dance party is when we blast the music as loud as it will go and Gregg, shakobe, and I dance all around the house like total maniacs (Our neighbors probably think we are crazy.......oh well.). Its all worth it to see how happy it makes little Shakobe. He is a pretty good little dancer and he has done very well with making sure this responsability of his is checked off the list at least once a week if not more. Mommy and Daddy love you little dance machine!!! Happy Monday Everyone, I hope you also catch the dance fever!!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Rigby Family update

So I cant believe we are to March already. Where has all the time gone??? My big boy is growing up so fast I can't hardly stand it. Gregg always teases me that I wish we lived in Never Never Land where the kids never grew up. I admit its true I hate how fast Shakobe grows and changes every single day. He has been the best thing for Gregg and I because he has taught us so much. It's funny how one little guy can change two adults so much, but the credit goes fully to Shakobe. We still have a lot of growing to do so its good our little man is patient and willing to help his mom and dad. Here is a little bit of what our little monk has been up to lately!!!!
This is one of my top ten favorite pictures of Shakobe. He had to go outside and help his dad shovel snow. It was so awesome because Gregg did not even show him how to do it he just picked up his shovel and went to work. The hardest part was getting him to come back inside. I literally think he would have shoveled the whole neighborhood if we would have let him. Gregg and I have started this thing with him that now that he is going to be a big brother he gets some new responsabilities which include being dads little helper. Little do we know that shakobe would not have it any other way.  He loves to be doing whatever his dad is doing, and always tries to help us any chance he gets. It's just in that boy's blood and I could not be more proud!!
Aunt Jess planned a pizza party at her house for all the cousins and grandma and grandpa while moms and dads went out to dinner and a movie. FYI I tricked gregg into taking me to "Safe Haven" and after falling over and faking his own death he went to the theatre and actually said he enjoyed the movie. So any of you that need a chick flick that wont make your husband completly miserable go see safe haven it was way good. Shakobe had a great time while we were gone because aunt jess planned a movie night with pizza and root beer floats. He loved it which we are so thankful to the carpenters for planning such a fun evening and taking care of our little guy. 
Cuddling up with his Herd cousins for a movie night at Grandma and Grandpas.  He wanted to show them one of his very favorite movies Hotel Transilvania!!
 Saylor is a very good helper that always wants to take care of Shakobe. Even as he grows closer and closer to her same height she still tries to carry him around like a baby. LOL. He thinks its pretty funny too!!
 We had a family date night just Me, Gregg, and shakobe and we decided to take him bowling for the first time. He was in heaven!! Every direction he pointed there was a "BALL, BALL, BALL." Each time it was his turn he would throw the ball with gregg and he would yell, "GO, GO, GO, YAAAAAYYY!!!" It was so funny to see so much of his personality come out at that bowling alley we loved it.

When it was not his turn he decided it was just as fun to unload all the balls off the tray next to our lane. LOL

Our little man has started talking more lately . Although he is shy sometimes so i tried to catch some of it on video for everyone to see. We were doing reading time just before i took this and reading a book about numbers. After I said one he said two when the page said two. Smart Boy! So now he tells us he is going to be two!!! Notice when I ask him where his hair is he says ball and touches his head. Everything is a Ball!

So one night we were watching tv while eating dinner and this Gieco commercial came on that had a pro basketball player blocking everyones shots at different places then saying "Not in My House." Well Shakobe thought it was the funniest thing in the world so I just kept rewinding it and playing it for him and he laughed just as hard everytime. Grandpa Richard said we need to send it in some where cuz it shows just how happy Gieco can make a almost two year old laugh. It certainly makes my day every time i watch this video and we hope it does the same for you.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Big Brother and baby #2

                     We have officially made it to the half way mark of our pregnancy. It is such an amazing experience. I love being pregnant, and knowing there is a little life growing inside of me. Its true each pregnancy is different, but both these babies have taken pretty good care of there mommy. Luckily, this pregnancy has not been very difficult at all. The only symptom I can complain about may actually be a pre pregnancy symptom, but I would like to blame it on the pregnancy anyway. Those of you that have been pregnant or not are I'm sure familiar with the phrase "BABY BRAIN." Well I am suffering from a very serious case of it. LOL. Bryson and Rylie like to remind me of that fact almost daily. I heard the best explanation for it last week on our favorite show Modern Family. Gloria (Sofia Vergara.) is pregnant and tells Claire... "I HAVE TWO BRAINS INSIDE OF ME, BUT I HAVE NEVER FELT MORE DUMB!!!"  Thank you Modern Family you putting it into words perfectly, and now I can laugh every day about my condition because of it. Lol.

               All joking aside I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to bring another little one into our family. And yesterday after putting us (mostly Gregg.)on the edge of our seats for about a half an hour not letting us see between its legs by either curling up, hiding behind the umbilical cord, or tucking its feet up right up in front of the spot we needed to see. The baby is either shy or mischievious, and I'm going with mischievious. Anyway, we finally caught a glimpse of our healthy baby BOY! Sweet Shakobe was more concerned the whole time of what the ultra sound tech was doing to his mommy rather then what was on the big screen, but I take that as a sign that big brother is going to be very watchful over his baby brother and that makes us very proud! 

Big Brother holding on to the first photo of Little Brother!!
 "There is no Buddy like a Brother."

Side profile of little brothers face. He is trying to hide behind his arm. I know sometimes these pictures freak people out but its what I look forward to the most. Hello little buddy!!!
This picture is kind of tricky cuz he is trying to disguise himself with the umbilical cord again but this is proof its baby brother and not baby sister. Its offficial mom is going to be out numbered 3 to 1!! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas 2012

    I'm finally blogging about my favorite time of year the holiday season filled with wonderful activities and time spent together with my favorite people. Me and Gregg are so grateful for the many blessings that we have been given, and the wonderful people we get to have a part of our lives. Enjoy the picture overload....
 Our little family at the light parade in Preston. My favorite thing to do Thanksgiving weekend is to take Shakobe to the light parade then drive around to the cool decked out houses. Preston knows how to deliver on the holiday spirit.

Shakobe and the Herd kids driving around looking at christmas lights together. The flash was a little too bright for Shakobe but he loves these special moments with his cousins cuz they all fight to sit by him and make the car ride so much more enjoyable for him.
 My fam at the Child christmas party this year. My mom was in charge and planned some really fun games. This one for example we had to blow up balloon's, stuff them in a pair of nylons, pick a team mate to where it on there head (as a reindeer.), and run to the other end of the room to decorate another teammate like a christmas tree.  My dad was the reindeer, and my mom was the Christmas tree. Gregg was sure to use every supply we had even cardboard rolls, and was taping ornaments to my moms face if not wrapping tinfoil around her entire face making it hard to breath. Thanks mom for putting up with all of Gregg s torturing. What a good sport.. LOL it was hilarious.
Santa's newest reindeer Shakobe the Red Cheeks Reindeer!!
I finally got brave and decided to cut my little boys adorable curly locks. His dad mentioned he was starting to look like a girl, so before I changed my mind I told him to take him into the salon. He was my best mini client I have ever had. He sat completly still and did not fuss at all. Such a good little boy, and he looks so handsome with his new hairdo.
 Christmas Eve. We all got each other pajamas and shakobe got some christmas books!!!
 A year before me and Gregg got married we started a tradition of giving each other a christmas tree ornament on Christmas Eve. Shakobe is helping me open my ornament. My Fav!!
 My best little boy so excited for his new christmas jammies and lightening maqueen slippers. LOL. We all need to remind ourselves how its the simplest things that can bring us the most joy in life. No need to over spend.
 Shakobe on christmas morning so excited for his new Patriots sweat suit. Him and Daddy got a couple matching outfits to support their sports teams.
 Shakobe got a stuffed Yoda for christmas and was giving him lots of hugs. He is the best hugger in the world I love this little snuggle bug so much!!
 My favorite christmas present. A Ray Lewis Jersey. He is my favoritest football player in the whole entire world and I just hugged that thing like nobody s business. SOOO happy!!
Shakobe with his favorite present. John Deere tractors. He screamed OHHHHH every time we took one of those tractors out of the box. Just like his Grandpa Henry he loves John Deere. Funny little boy!!!
Mine and Greggs favorite little girl sitting on my lap christmas day. She is such sweet little thing and we are so grateful for how well she loves to take care of shakobe. You can tell too because Shakobe will keep hugging and kissing her whenever she is around. It was so great to have her and her brothers around during christmas  break. Shakobe had a blast playing with them and his Carpenter cousins. 
 The biggest christmas present of all this year! We surprised our families with the news that we have another one on the way. Becoming a mother has been the best blessing of my entire life. This little boy has brought so much joy into our lives, and I can not believe another one has chosen to be apart of our family.  I know Shakobe was sent here to teach us the true meaning of life, and I know he will pass that on to his sibling. Shakobe has officially become the BEST BIG BROTHER!!

Even though I am only 15 weeks along we found out what we are having. AHH so exciting! Some of you know but some of you do not. Tune in for week 20 and we will spill the beans. ha ha. May you all have a fabulous 2013!!!!!!!


As you can tell me and Gregg dressed up as bacon and eggs. ha ha. It was the first time in years either of us dressed up and Im so happy my husband was such a good sport about it. We spent halloween night at my sisters house watching my all time favorite halloween movie Hocus Pocus.
Me and my niece and nephew on halloween night. Rylie was a "cute witch" as she would say and my nephew was Edward. The man of all our dreams. It was a fun night.
We or should I say I dressed up our kitty for halloween. He absolutely hated it but put up with it for about five minutes to make me happy.


So I had to show everyone this picture of our family on the Atlantis rollercoaster at sea world. The looks on everyones faces is priceless. Lol, especially my sisters and myself.