Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Chunker Boo!!!

 Well i decided it was time to do a little catching up on our blog. Our little Rigby family has been really busy but not busy enough to forget how to have a lot of fun. Here are just a few things my little munchkin has been up to these days.....

 Shakobe has discovered his love for driving. As soon as his Dad gets home from work he is taking one of our hands and leading us to the door. What used to be an obsession with just outside has now turned to driving Daddy's big truck which only his little fingers can be on the steering wheel and he will let you know of that rule the very first chance he gets. He also pushes all the buttons in the truck such as the blinker, hazard lights, brights, heater, and radio. In this particular picture he turned the radio to the spanish station and turned the volume to full blast. We all were rockin out to it!!!
 Daddy Got him his first SIX INCH sandwhich from subway and he could not eat it fast enough if you can believe it. May I remind you all my little boy is not even a year and a half yet so it blows my mind what a good eater he his. We also discovered he likes green peppers that day. He does not get his taste buds from his mother. Grows more and more like his Daddy and I could not be more proud.
 We went with grandma and grandpa Yates to a wedding reception where they had a dance and shakobe went wild on the dance floor. When he decides to stop being shy he gets dance fever and keeps going even after the music has stopped. LOL.
 Our boy loves to go visit great grandpa and grandma Rigby, and Grandpa and Grandma Rigby where he can feed and ride the horses. (though he does not understand why we wont let him go into the carrel and play with the horses like they were kitties or puppies.) We have only found two things that scare Shakobe  and those are when his Dad coughs, and the long springy door stoppers. That is a very scarey monster he wants out of our house! He wont even go into our downstairs bathroom cuz he knows one is in there and he would be way too close to it.
 My little helper always helps me get the laundry out of the dryer until one day he dropped his bouncy ball inside and decided it was a pretty cool hang out spot for him and his toys. Kynlee was there and knew he was up to no good so she just waved good bye to him as he jumped up and down inside the dryer so proud of what he had accomplished.
Shakobe and his dad always have some sort of shenanagins in the works and as I was doing some work at kinkos one night I started to hear laughter from both of them. I looked over to see Shakobe biting Gregg's face so hard that his whole body was shaking and they both thought it was so funny. Cant trust these two alone they are sure to get themselves into trouble.

 They do eventually settle down and take naps together which is pretty much the most adorable thing in the universe.

 Gregg, Shakobe, my mom, and I went and toured the Brigham city Temple which was gorgeous Im so happy my sister Jamie gave us her tickets so we could go. Shakobe pointed to a giant chandelier in one of the rooms and continuousely belted out "OOOOOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOH, OOOOOH." It was an amazing experience for our little family.
Its that time of year again. Time for the Boys of Fall. So opening night of the football season my boys jerseyed up and showed everyone their Patriot pride. Even though Shakobe is also a Ravens fan for his mommy of course. Just need to get him a Ray Lewis jersey since he is already following in the foot steps to be as big as Ray number 52.
Showing off the numbers on there backs representing there biggest fans. Such an awesome picture!!!
 We got new family pictures taken this last sunday. great grandma rigby thought it was so funny to  watch all the funny faces everyone was pulling to make Shakobe smile. Ashlee was playing peek a boo with him and instead of laughing like he usually does he started to play peek a boo back at her. It was so hilarious I cant wait to see how they turned out. Perfect as usual!!!!
Gregg and his sisters threw a suprise Anniversary party for there parents which turned out so amazing. Im sure lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people. Happy Fall Everyone!!!!


As you can tell me and Gregg dressed up as bacon and eggs. ha ha. It was the first time in years either of us dressed up and Im so happy my husband was such a good sport about it. We spent halloween night at my sisters house watching my all time favorite halloween movie Hocus Pocus.
Me and my niece and nephew on halloween night. Rylie was a "cute witch" as she would say and my nephew was Edward. The man of all our dreams. It was a fun night.
We or should I say I dressed up our kitty for halloween. He absolutely hated it but put up with it for about five minutes to make me happy.


So I had to show everyone this picture of our family on the Atlantis rollercoaster at sea world. The looks on everyones faces is priceless. Lol, especially my sisters and myself.