Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shakobe's Birhtday Party

 Had to show the birthday boy's awesome Monkey birthday cake my friend Shantell made. The party was as you can tell Monkey themed and she absolutely outdid herself with this cake. Everything was edible the monkeys were even made out of fondant. Not only did it look to die for but it tasted unbelievable. Which is hard to do both but she did it. Thanks so much Shantell your so amazing and Shakobe ate his part in almost one bite.
 We gave Monkey Man the top part of his 3 tear cake and it was so hilarious he did not waste any time he picked up the whole thing with both hands and dove right in. He inhaled it by the handfuls I think afraid we might take it away from him and shocked his mom and dad are finally letting him make a mess with his food. And a big Your Welcome for all the chocolatey kisses he was giving out when he was done. I love this little boy so much. That smile melts my heart every time.
 May 10th was by far one of the best days. Not only was it Shakobe's first birthday but his cousin Bryson was voted in Student Council. Bryson said he was using Shakobe as his good luck charm cuz it was his birthday but I don't think Bryson needed it he is loved by all and we were so excited that he made it. We were so happy these two could share this exciting day together I know I won't forget it.
 The cutest Space Ranger in the Universe on his new Buzz Lightyear 4 wheeler he got for his birthday. The 4 wheeler is only for inside though he thinks. As soon as we take it outside he hops right off and takes off running. Outside is for running not just going 2mph on a toy there is no time for that.
 I wanted to show some of the things we had at his party. Im all about pictures and conserving memories so I thought for his first Birthday we would display pictures of a lot of his 1st's. First holiday's, first time swimming, 1st time riding pony with Daddy, 1st zoo trip, and of course 1st Super Bowl. I also had a scroll made of everything in history that happened on his birthday including, prices of things on the day he was born, news, sports, movies, books, and etc. I think that will be really neat to look back on.
 We also did a picture display table of most of our Favorite Moments this past year. Like standing on top of the dishwasher door, scaring his cousin to tears and him wondering what he did, sending everything imaginable for a ride on his race car track including himself even though he didn't fit, family home evening with grandma and grandpa, pushing the wheel barrel while helping Daddy do yard work, and of course favorite moments at the hospital after he was born.
 We also did a signature table where we had people write a little message on a matte around his picture telling him something special that he can look back on.
And finally we did a outfit timeline from his first year. I figured if I was going to do this then this would be the best time just to see how much he had grown from a newborn to a One year old. Made me kinda sad to see how much he has changed, but again so fun to look back on this amazing year. Love you Shakobe .

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Monkey is 1

I can not believe it has been one year already. Our little monkey turned 1 on May 10th. Sorry but I have to say he is the sweetest, handsomest little man in the whole WORLD! This year has been a dream from up above. I don't know what I did to deserve the opportunity to be his mother but it is the greatest blessing I have ever been given in my life.

  Shakobe has been so perfect he was the easiest newborn always sleeping through the night and eating breast milk and formula never discriminated any type of food from the very beginning. Loves his naps and cuddle time with Mommy and wild playtime with Daddy. He is the happiest baby not much upsets him except when Mommy does not give her plate to him at dinner, and when the front door opens and we don't let him go outside. So neighbors when its 10:00p.m. and you here someone outside yelling "DADA DADA DADA" its just our little man that cant get enough of outside. (Those of you that know Kanyon will relate how these two are growing alot alike. lol)

Our Chunk of Monk is not afraid of anyone he always smiles at them and is a always willing to give big hugs which I love! He is a grandpas boy for sure always diving into there arms or shirt pockets looking for pens to eat. He loves all animals and regularly attacks my parents cat Hammy taking a face dive right on top of him or trying to pick him up even though Hammy is bigger then him. Thank you Hammy for putting on a brave face and never getting mad at him when he practices his WWE moves on you.

We got to go to Hoogle Zoo for his birthday and I will share pics of that and his birthday party later. Such a fun weekend thank you everyone that came and partied with our Monkey Boy! Also I love these one year pictures above that we had taken. Danielle Carpenter from Freckle Shmeckle Photography took them and did a amazing job. And you don't have to spend a million dollars to be satisfied she is so great and inexpensive!

Well my angel Mommy and Daddy just want to let you know how grateful we are to have you in our lives. You are the best thing to ever happen to us and it has truley brought Heaven on Earth since the day you came to us. Hope you had a Happy 1st Birthday! Love you so much.


As you can tell me and Gregg dressed up as bacon and eggs. ha ha. It was the first time in years either of us dressed up and Im so happy my husband was such a good sport about it. We spent halloween night at my sisters house watching my all time favorite halloween movie Hocus Pocus.
Me and my niece and nephew on halloween night. Rylie was a "cute witch" as she would say and my nephew was Edward. The man of all our dreams. It was a fun night.
We or should I say I dressed up our kitty for halloween. He absolutely hated it but put up with it for about five minutes to make me happy.


So I had to show everyone this picture of our family on the Atlantis rollercoaster at sea world. The looks on everyones faces is priceless. Lol, especially my sisters and myself.