Monday, November 30, 2009

Team Jacob

Just thought I would show everyone that yes Gregg totally wore a team Jacob shirt to the movie New Moon. It was freakin sweet I really think it made the movie ten times better. And if you cant tell already we are Team Jacob fans all the way (well I am but now that Gregg has seen the movie he agrees that I made a good choice.) Love you Greggy your the best.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! We spent our thanksgiving with Gregg's family this year. We had so much fun with the whole family together, and also its so exciting having a new addition to the family (baby Kaidance). I love them so much.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas lights

So this weekend Gregg put up our Christmas lights I'm so excited. I know its early its a week before thanksgiving but I always tell Gregg the holiday season just never seems to last long enough. So in a sweet gesture to make his wife happy Gregg put them up while I was at work to surprise me, and I came home to the house all lit up I loved it.This is our chubby snowman he is my favorite. Happy Holidays Everyone!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Daxtons B-day

This weekend we went up to my sister Jamie s house in star valley Wyoming to celebrate my nephew Daxton's eighth birthday. It was all star wars themed so the house was full of jedi's it was awesome. Me and Gregg both love going up to wyoming its so pretty up there and love to spend time with the Herd kids.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Disneyland Trip


Disneyland with the Fam

Hi everyone we finally made ourselves a blog I'm so excited. This is me and my cute husband Gregg at our recent trip to Disneyland. It was so much fun; we were able to spend a whole week in California visiting sea world, universal studios, wild animal park, the beach, and of course Disneyland. It was by far the funnest vacation I have ever been on, and I believe it was because I was able to share it with Gregg and my wonderful family. I certainly feel blessed to be given the opportunity to have such great people in my life and be able to share these once in a life time experiences with them.


As you can tell me and Gregg dressed up as bacon and eggs. ha ha. It was the first time in years either of us dressed up and Im so happy my husband was such a good sport about it. We spent halloween night at my sisters house watching my all time favorite halloween movie Hocus Pocus.
Me and my niece and nephew on halloween night. Rylie was a "cute witch" as she would say and my nephew was Edward. The man of all our dreams. It was a fun night.
We or should I say I dressed up our kitty for halloween. He absolutely hated it but put up with it for about five minutes to make me happy.


So I had to show everyone this picture of our family on the Atlantis rollercoaster at sea world. The looks on everyones faces is priceless. Lol, especially my sisters and myself.