Thursday, April 19, 2012

My new favorite song!

I just wanted to share my new favorite song I have been obsessed with lateley. Its one of those songs I turn up way loud when it comes on the radio, and of course now being an emotional mommy I tear up cuz it reminds me of my little boy so much. Like the song says Shakobe is every last bit like his Daddy, and we thank God every day he's ours. Monkey, Daddy and I will always love you unconditionally! Can I just say life could not be better now that he's here, and He's Mine!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter and Baby Animals!!

One of my favoritest pictures of all time! My boys were having so much fun at Baby Animal Days!

Shakobe loved all the animals but this picture is hilarious cuz I feel like he is looking towards me saying, "Eww mom these piggy's are stinky."

Me and Gregg were so amazed at how unafraid Shakobe was of all the animals. He would reach towards them and grab them if he could. Me and him had to pet the baby cow for Grandpa Henry. Holsteins are his very favorite so this is for you grandpa.

Here is little man petting the goat. I wish i would have got the picture when the goat licked shakobe's face and he just laughed and laughed thought that was the funniest thing.

So excited to see the baby ducky! Poor ducky does not know what he is about to get himself into . Shakobe loved them so much he hugged them a little too hard. Luckily me and gregg were there to save them.

Love the baby chicks! Moments after this picture was takin I nearly had heart failure when chunk wacked the bird on the head and poked at its eyes! He is a Curious George Monkey I have decided. Always causing mischief!

Shakobe was so mad at his Mom and Dad for not letting him play with the baby bears! He reached so hard to get into the pen with them I know he was thinking what a blast it would be to wrestle those cute little guys! I dont know who to be more afraid for Shakobe or the cubs!!

Our monkey on Easter morning! He was obsessed with a new bat the easter bunny brought him. He also got a kite, bouncy ball, and lots of bubbles. And cant forget a handsome new church suit!

The Carpenter family at Grandma and Grandpa's during the easter egg hunt!

Four Generation Easter Egg Hunters!!!!

Checking out Grandpa Richards horses! oh how this boy loves animals!!

Everyone at Grandpa Henry's Easter egg hunt! Chunk was in the lead but Rylie won I think!

Mommy and Monkey on Easter! This was the best Easter ever because of Shakobe!

Sorry Kyn but this is going in the vault as one of my favoritest picutes ever! True definition of a boy girl relationship. The girl is upset and the boy is wondering what the heck is going on. Lol. Truth be told Kyn is upset because she is absolutley terrified of Shakobe with his bunny ears on. Lol. She would stop crying and look up at his head and the water works would start all over again . Most memorable Easter moment!


As you can tell me and Gregg dressed up as bacon and eggs. ha ha. It was the first time in years either of us dressed up and Im so happy my husband was such a good sport about it. We spent halloween night at my sisters house watching my all time favorite halloween movie Hocus Pocus.
Me and my niece and nephew on halloween night. Rylie was a "cute witch" as she would say and my nephew was Edward. The man of all our dreams. It was a fun night.
We or should I say I dressed up our kitty for halloween. He absolutely hated it but put up with it for about five minutes to make me happy.


So I had to show everyone this picture of our family on the Atlantis rollercoaster at sea world. The looks on everyones faces is priceless. Lol, especially my sisters and myself.