Thursday, March 22, 2012

Soldiers Deck of Cards

I just wanted to share this video because it was very inspiring to me. I cry every time I see it. My aunt Gennie sent this to me and I absolutely love it. I think that it touches me especially because its all the things me and Gregg have been discussing alot lately. Remembering all the things to be thankful for not only the most important Heavenly Father but also all the brave men and women that have faught to give us all the freedoms we have today. Enjoy! Its totally awesome!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weekend at the Herd's House!

My first sleep over at Aunt Jamie's. I was so excited I could barely sleep the first night we were there.

PLaying Shack a Bee's new favorite game Basketball in Dax and Kanyon's room. Dax wanted to take a picture.

Gregg and Kanyon making a Leprechaun trap. It was really cute they had so much fun making it together. While they did that the girls spent the day doing eachothers hair and nails. Such a blast.
We all took there dog Max for a walk. I had to show you this is the view in front of the Herds house. Isn't it gorgeous? What lucky ducks they are.
Gregg, Shakobe, Jamie, and Saylor on the walk. Jamie told us they had two bear sitings and a mountain lion siting nearby. What warm fuzzies that gave us! It had been a little while since they had seen them though so we decided to enjoy the beautiful scenery they have and remind them to be careful mountain men and women.
Playin the drums with daddy while trying to dribble the basketball. That was shakobe's two obsessions at the herd house. Dax's drum set and the basketball.
This passed week we discovered this is Monkey's favoritest toy in the world (besides his monkey of course but the ball may take over). He went to Grandpa Richards young mens game and would stare at the ball going up and down the court. Then at the Herd's he would squeel and bounce every time he saw the ball and would chase it. I find it very Ironic that after being named after two of the greatest basketball players in the world he is obsessed with a big basketball over any other toy. A sign for the future??? We will see!
Kanyon and shakobe trying to get Saylor while gregg pushed her on their trike. It was so funny to watch.
Shakobe taking his turn on the trike and his two cousins chasing and pushing him around on it. He had so much fun with his cousins they are just as wild and into everything as he is so he just ate up every minute of it.
Greggy and Say. This little girly has her uncle Gregg wrapped completely around her finger and she knows it. Its pretty funny.
Lol, Saylor kept wanting to hold Shakobe on her lap, and shakobe was not sure he wanted to be restrained by someone nearly his size. May I remind you she is four and he is 10 months. She now calls him Shakobe Obee. Which I love but I will never forget her calling him "Jena's Baby". for example when Gregg was feeding him once she said, "Gregg, why you feeding Jena's baby?" Lol such a silly little girl.
Movie night. Me shakobe and saylor made cookies and we all watched Puss N Boots.
Sunday morning was Jamie 's birthday so we all got up early and made a GIANT breakfast. The kids also each made her a card which was cute. The too little ones were so funny cuz they kept going in there mom's room to wake her up and tell her she could not come out until we were all ready for her.
The kids all got the table ready and were about to go get Jamie to "suprise" her.
Birthday Girl reading her cards her kids made. So adorable. What great kids they are. Thanks Jamie for such a fun weekend I love your house and your family. Hope you had a wonderful birthday we love you so much


As you can tell me and Gregg dressed up as bacon and eggs. ha ha. It was the first time in years either of us dressed up and Im so happy my husband was such a good sport about it. We spent halloween night at my sisters house watching my all time favorite halloween movie Hocus Pocus.
Me and my niece and nephew on halloween night. Rylie was a "cute witch" as she would say and my nephew was Edward. The man of all our dreams. It was a fun night.
We or should I say I dressed up our kitty for halloween. He absolutely hated it but put up with it for about five minutes to make me happy.


So I had to show everyone this picture of our family on the Atlantis rollercoaster at sea world. The looks on everyones faces is priceless. Lol, especially my sisters and myself.